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Southern Alberta ARPA Membership & Donation Form

We rely on donations from individuals and businesses to carry out our mission.

You can support ARPA Southern Alberta through memberships, donating to a specific campaign, or by making a general donation.

Please consider giving us your support. You can do so by filling out this form and then sending a cheque to ARPA SA, PO Box 981, Coaldale AB, T1M 1M8, or E-Transfer to:


Actively engaging as a chapter member is a meaningful way to participate with other local individuals on municipal, provincial, and federal issues. Attending meetings provides an opportunity to learn more about issues of focus and to collaborate on different ways to engage. Participating in local events is inspiring and encouraging, and a wonderful way to witness to those in our community.


Is there a specific cause that we are working on that you feel passionate about? Donating directly to a campaign ensures that the most awareness is raised and the most impact is made for that cause.

General Donations

General donations are a great way to support the overall mission of ARPA SA which aligns with that of ARPA Canada: "to educate, equip, and encourage Reformed Christians to political action, and to bring a biblical perspective to our civil authorities."

Donation Type

Please submit this form and then send cheques to ARPA SA, PO Box 981, Coaldale AB, T1M 1M8, or E-Transfer to:

*Southern Alberta ARPA is not a registered charity and is unable to provide

a tax-deductible receipt for donations*

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