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There Were Two

A district of ARPA Canada

Action Plan

Going forward Southern Alberta ARPA would like to add a second campaign to our fundraising efforts- this one is called “There Were Two.” This is an initiative started by We Need A Law. The goal is to acknowledge BOTH victims in crimes against expectant women, in hopes the courts will punish the offenders for crimes against TWO victims. Right now, criminal sentences in Canada do not consider these factors, meaning pregnant women and their children are denied justice. While abortion politics have prevented Parliament from addressing this concern in the past, we call on MPs to not allow Canada’s lack of abortion law to stand in the way of justice.


A Pre-born Victims of Crime Law would require a judge to take into consideration the vulnerability of the mother and the harm done to her pre-born child as victims of violent crime.


We are asking for your support! We would gratefully appreciate your help with a monetary donation towards these awareness campaigns. We will be advertising CNK as well as There Were Two, as funds allow.

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